Arch Material Handling

We Buy. We Sell. We Install.

35 Years of Facility Solutions

Arch Material and Handling of St. Louis has one of the largest inventories of pre-owned pallet racking and warehouse equipment in the nation. Just take a look at our We Sell Page for all your pallet racking needs.

Our clients consider us an ideal partner. We go through great effort to make sure your project is perfectly executed. We provide preparation in AutoCad, so that your architects can get it right the first time. 

When your usage is up, we can also help sell your pallet racking so you optimize your investment. Facilities change hands or expand, we want to make sure your investment stays strong in your racking. It’s one of the flexible options we can offer for our clients when they decide to move or change their racking system. 

We work with client of all sizes, small and large businesses, as well as individuals with very exclusive needs. No one offers such an in depth understanding of how to get your project underway.

Top Design and Installation

Need Help? We offer Free CAD Layout and design services to help you maximize the use of your space and the efficiency of your operation.

Why Us?

Our clients have worked work with us because we are efficient in our installation procedures and we give competitive pricing so you can trust that we’ll always be the lowest bid. You can buy from us, resell to us, and you pay us. We have professional installers, not a sub contracted employee. Installers not only create AutoCAD depictions of the install, but we also help get your permits done, and make sure everything is in-line. Because we know this business so well, we want you to have to advantage with our knowledge.